St-Pierre & Miquelon in detail


Entry & Exit Formalities

Americans, EU citizens and all visitors except Canadians need a passport for entry. Those staying longer than 30 days also need a visa. Other nationalities should confirm with their French embassy if a visa is needed prior to arrival. Canadians can enter with a driver's license.

Customs Regulations

To merit the duty-free waiver on alcohol, you must stay on the islands at least 48 hours.


Most vendors accept credit cards. Some accept the loonie, though they return change in euros. If you're staying more than an afternoon, it's probably easiest to get euros from the local ATMs.

Opening Hours

Most shops and businesses close between noon and 1:30pm. Some stores also close on Saturday afternoons, and most are closed on Sunday.


Calling the islands is an international call, meaning you must dial 011 in front of the local number. Phone service links to the French system, so beware of roaming charges on your mobile.


Half an hour ahead of Newfoundland Time.

Tourist Information

Tourist Information The visitors center, near the ferry dock, provides a map showing all the banks, restaurants etc. Staff also provide information on the islands' hotels and tours and make bookings for free.