St-Pierre & Miquelon attractions

Island in St-Pierre & Miquelon

Miquelon & Langlade

The island of Miquelon is less visited and less developed than St-Pierre. The village of Miquelon, centered on the church, is at the northern tip of the island. From nearby l'Étang de Mirande a walking trail leads t…
Historic Building in St-Pierre & Miquelon

Île aux Marins

The magical Île aux Marins is a beautiful abandoned village on an island out in the St-Pierre harbor. A bilingual guide will walk you through colorful homes, a small schoolhouse museum and the grand church (1874). B…
Museum in St-Pierre & Miquelon

L'Arche Museum

The well-done exhibits cover the islands' history, including Prohibition times. The showstopper is the guillotine – the only one to slice in North America. Islanders dropped the 'timbers of justice' just once, in 18…
Area in St-Pierre & Miquelon

Les Salines

Old-timers hang out around this scenic cluster of multihued fishing shacks.