Canadian dollar ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $100

  • Dorm bed: $25–40
  • Campsite: $25–35
  • Self-catered meals from markets and supermarkets: $8–12

Midrange: $100–250

  • B&B or room in a midrange hotel: $80–180 ($100–250 in major cities)
  • Meal in a good local restaurant: from $20 plus drinks
  • Rental car: per day $35–65
  • Attraction admissions: $5–20

Top end: More than $250

  • Four-star hotel room: from $180 (from $250 in major cities)
  • Three-course meal in a top restaurant: from $50 plus drinks
  • Skiing day pass: $50–80


Haggling in shops, markets or restaurants is not an accepted practice. At hotels and for services like tours and activities, you can ask proprietors if they can cut you a better deal, but generally set prices won’t be altered.


Banks stack up near the Water St and Ayre's Cove intersection.


Scotia Bank