Museum in Sept Îles

Musée Régional de la Côte-Nord

This lovely little museum tells the history of the North Shore and its 8000 years of human habitation through a mix of gadgets and artifacts such as 17th-century maps.
Museum in Sept Îles

Musée Shaputuan

This is the North Shore's best museum on aboriginal culture. The atmospheric circular exhibition hall, divided into four sections symbolizing the seasons, follows the Innu (Montagnais) people as they hunt caribou or…
Historic Site in Sept Îles

Le Vieux Poste

Seventeenth-century fur-trading post Le Vieux Poste has been reconstructed as a series of buildings showing the lifestyles of the hunters who called the forest home.
Island in Sept Îles

Île Grande Basque

The largest island of the small archipelago off Sept Îles is a pretty spot to spend a day, walking on the 12km of trails or picnicking on the coast. During the summer, Les Croisières du Capitaine runs regular 10-min…