Top Choice Market in Ottawa

ByWard Market Square

Anchoring the market district, this sturdy brick building is the perfect place to stop when hunger strikes. Aside from the fresh produce and cheese, an array of international takeaway joints offers falafel, spicy cu…
Top Choice Market in Nelson

Cottonwood Community Market

Close to downtown and next to the surging Cottonwood waterfall, this market encapsulates Nelson. There's great organic produce; fine baked goods, many with heretofore-unheard-of grains; and various craft items with …
Top Choice Market in Penticton to Kelowna

Peach Pit

Amid oodles of competition, this roadside stand on Hwy 97 on the north side of Summerland stands out. The owners have an orchard right behind the market. They also have deals with some of the valley's very best prod…
Top Choice Market in Winnipeg

Forks Market

Gourmet food specialists, vendors selling prepared foods and an array of ethnic food stalls, running the gamut from Japanese tapas, Caribbean and Chilean to hearty Polish and Sri Lankan, are the unbeatable draw here…
Top Choice Market in Penticton

Penticton Farmers Market

Penticton definitely has its share of good eats. The farmers market, based at Gyro Park on Main St, has large numbers of local organic producers.
Top Choice Market in Yellowknife

Yellowknife Farmers' Market

If you're in Yellowknife on a Tuesday, you're in for a treat. The farmers' market is a great place to hang out, catch up on local gossip and try everything from authentic Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese home cooking…
Top Choice Market in London

Covent Garden

This humongous, barn-shaped market will whet and satisfy any appetite. There's a permanent collection of delis, bakeries, chocolate shops, fresh produce stalls and world cuisine eateries, plus seasonal vendors and a…
Market in Kelowna

Kelowna Farmers Market

The farmers market has more than 150 vendors, including many with prepared foods. Local artisans also display their wares. It's off Hwy 97.
Market in Fredericton

Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market

This Fredericton institution is great for picking up fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, handicrafts, dessert and flowers. Many of the 150 or so stalls recall the city's European heritage, with everything from Ge…
Market in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Peterborough Farmers Market

This community market is a great place to grab a coffee and stop at the C'est Chaud wood-fired pizza stand. It's mostly geared toward tasting and buying local produce, but stands sell bites such as vegan salads, Rus…