Canada in detail


Canadians are a fairly relaxed crowd and don’t offend easily; however, some rules of etiquette do apply.

  • Politeness Canadians value their pleases and thank-yous. Bumping into someone without apologizing or not thanking someone for holding the door will earned shocked looks.
  • Patriotism Commenting that Canadians and Americans aren’t much different is considered highly offensive.
  • Language In French-speaking areas, always attempt to speak French before English (regardless of how poor your French is).
  • Lining up While Canadians usually tut rather than speak out, jumping ahead in line can cause a full-blown argument.
  • Exiting buildings In winter, when someone is about to enter the place you're exiting, let them in first; they're much colder than you are.
  • Removing dirty footwear In winter remove your shoes or boots and place them in the tray (plateau) provided. Winter footwear is covered in grit, mud and salt, which can soil and harm carpets and wooden floors.