Top Choice Gallery in Rankin Inlet

Matchbox Gallery

This small space is famed for having pioneered Inuit ceramic art. Watch artists at work, and browse and buy a wide range of beautiful handicrafts, including prints and soapstone and antler carvings.
Monument in Rankin Inlet


Rankin's famed Inukshuk (humanoid stone cairn) lords over the community like a giant turned to stone.
Nature Reserve in Rankin Inlet

Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park

This tongue-twister of a park is located 5km from town and is popular for hiking and berry picking. Near the Meliadine River's mouth are archaeological sites where the pre-Inuit Dorset people dwelled, as well as a r…
Historic Site in Rankin Inlet

Marble Island

In Hudson Bay, 50km east of town, this is a graveyard for James Knight and his crew, who sought the Northwest Passage in the 18th century. Some wrecks of 19th-century whalers are there, too, and you may spot whales,…