Art in Old Montréal

Galerie Le Chariot

This arts emporium claims to have the largest Inuit collection in Canada. Choose from First Nations art carved mainly from soapstone, as well as fur hats, mountain-goat rugs and fleecy moccasins.
Art in Old Montréal

Galerie St-Dizier

This spacious old gallery has always been at the forefront of the avant-garde scene in Montréal. Works are split between local and heavyweight artists known abroad, including Besner, St-Pierre and Tetro. Its forte i…
Fashion & Accessories in Old Montréal


Specializing in outerware, this eye-catching boutique features beautifully made men's and women's garments – as well as footwear, fragrance and handbags. High-quality brands from Canada are well-represented includin…
Books in Southwest & Outer Montréal

Librairie Olivieri

A splendid place to while away a few hours is the indie bookstore Librairie Olivieri at the Université de Montréal, which also has an excellent bistro serving poached salmon, magret de canard (duck breast) and chang…
Fashion & Accessories in Old Montréal


Rooney is an inviting shop with lots of stylish streetwear and accessories, with plenty of ideas to help gents score a new look. You'll find Rag & Bone button-downs, nicely cut Levis Vintage denim jackets and je…
Food in Matane

Poissonnerie Boréalis

You like fish? Here's the shop for you. Our finned friends come in all varieties: sushi-ed, fresh, smoked and otherwise packaged for your consumption.
Fashion & Accessories in Old Montréal

Boutique Anne de Shalla

French fashion diva Anne de Shalla studied fashion in Paris and came to Montréal in the 1970s. She now selects from up to 30 Québec designers every year for her exclusive shop collection – stretchy leathers, semishe…
Food & Drinks in Old Montréal

My Cup of Tea

This stylish Chinatown tea shop has more than 50 tea varieties in loose and teabag form, including its popular blooming tea, which opens up from a ball once immersed. It also has a range of attractive glassware and …
Art in Old Montréal


Opened in 2007, this excellent contemporary art gallery in a heritage building features mind-bending works by artists such as Valerie Belin, Ryoji Ikeda and Marc Quinn.
Mall in Old Montréal

Marché Bonsecours

This majestic old building has housed the Canadian parliament, city hall and, now, a collection of cute boutiques selling Québec-made wares, and goodies such as fashion, accessories, jewelry and crafts. Restaurants …