Top Choice Cafe in Old Montréal

Olive + Gourmando

Named after the owners’ two cats, this bakery-cafe is legendary in town for its hot panini, plump salads and flaky baked goods. Excellent choices include the melted goat's-cheese panini with caramelized onions, deca…
Top Choice Cafe in Rivière du Loup


The hippest cafe around serves great-value daily specials to a ska/indie/name-your-cool-music-genre-here soundtrack. It's the best place in town to meet locals; and if you're in a hurry, it serves coffee to go.
Top Choice Cafe in Rimouski

La Brûlerie d'Ici

A hip hangout offering Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffees, bites from bagels to banana bread, wi-fi and live music during the summer.
Cafe in Île du Havre Aubert

Café de la Grave

Located in a historic general store, this restaurant is more than a local institution – it's one of the islands' vital organs. Pot-en-pot (fish pie), croque monsieur, soups and cakes meet an appreciative crowd that …
Cafe in New Carlisle

Cafe Luna

Luna feels like it was perfectly executed off some software program made to create the ultimate cute cafe. There's funky art, strong coffee, delicious panini, board games, tattered old books (even a few vintage Lone…
Cafe in Sutton

Le Cafetier

Locals flock to this stupidly cute, cheery cafe in the heart of Sutton for morning coffee, croissants, smoothies, omelettes and homemade muesli, but it's just as popular in the afternoon for salads, vegetarian chili…
Cafe in Little Italy, Mile End & Outremont

Caffè Italia

Calling this place old school is like calling the Sahara dry. 'Old school' isn't just a descriptor, but the essence of this little Italian espresso bar, where graybeards and guys unironically wearing flat caps seemi…
Cafe in Little Italy, Mile End & Outremont

La Croissanterie Figaro

With its deco fixtures, wrought-iron marble-topped tables and lovely terrace, this charming neighborhood cafe has a Parisian vibe, and has long been a popular meeting spot for well-heeled locals. Stop in for warm, b…
Cafe in Little Italy, Mile End & Outremont

Le Cagibi Café

Music-loving bohemians and Plateau eccentrics hold court at this vegetarian restaurant by day, bar by night. The large space is filled with a hodgepodge of plants and antique furnishings reminiscent of your grandmot…
Cafe in Bonaventure

Café Acadien

Overlooking the marina, the boat-shed-like Café Acadien is great for breakfast crêpes and salmon, bacon and eggs. Bagels and Acadian, Cajun and Italian food are also on the menu. There are some small, colorful guest…