Québec City shopping

Top Choice Food in Outside the Old City

JA Moisan Épicier

Established in 1871, this charming store bills itself as North America's oldest grocery. It's a browser's dream come true, packed with beautifully displayed edibles and kitchen and household items. Many products fal…
Top Choice Food in Old Town & Port

La Fromagère

This wonderful little shop just inside the main entrance of the Vieux-Port market sells an awe-inspiring selection of Québécois cheeses. For a notion of the tremendous variety available here, check out the Québec da…
Food & Drinks in Old Town & Port

Marché du Vieux-Port

At this heaving local food market, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dozens of local specialties, from Île d’Orléans blackcurrant wine to ciders, honeys, cheeses, sausages, chocolates, herbal hand c…
Arts & Crafts in Old Town & Port

Art Inuit Brousseau

A stunning gallery selling soapstone, serpentine and basalt Inuit sculptures from Northern Québec. Prices range from $45 to several thousand dollars.
Food in Outside the Old City


The exotic smells and flavors here will send a chocolate lover into conniptions of joy. The main shop brims with truffles, chocolate-chip cookies, ice cream and seasonal chocolate treats, while the quirky museum nex…
Fashion & Accessories in Old Town & Port

Les Branchés Lunetterie

Displaying a fanciful, wildly colorful mix of designer eyewear from Québec, France and Spain, this is a fun place to browse, even if you’re not necessarily in the market for new glasses frames. The collection's cent…
Ceramics in Old Town & Port

Boutique Kettö

Illustrator Julie St-Onge-Drouin started up Kettö after her illustrative designs kept finding their way onto ceramic surfaces. Now at this big, bright and beautifully set-up boutique, they’re on everything from plat…
Department Store in Old Town & Port


One of the city’s business success stories, Simons was started as a dry-goods store in the 1800s by the son of a Scottish immigrant. By 1952 his descendants had turned the business into a successful clothing store. …
Sports & Outdoors in Outside the Old City

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

The mountain man (or woman) in all of us needs his fix, especially if you’re planning to conquer the great Québec wilderness. Enter this sprawling shop, the largest from the renowned Canadian brand, complete with an…
Cosmetics in Old Town & Port


A great spot for small gifts, this sweet boutique specializes in artisanal Québecois soaps made with goat's milk, herbal oils and other natural ingredients. The beautifully displayed soap selection features a pleasi…