Top Choice Seafood in Charlottetown

Water Prince Corner Shop & Lobster Pound

When locals want seafood they head to this inconspicuous, sea-blue eatery near the wharf. It is deservedly famous for its scallop burgers, but it's also the best place in town for fresh lobster. You'll probably have…
Top Choice Seafood in Charlottetown

Claddagh Oyster House

Locals herald the Claddagh Room as one of the best seafood restaurants in Charlottetown. Trust 'em! The Irish-inspired Galway Bay Delight features a coating of fresh cream and seasonings over scallops and shrimp tha…
Top Choice Seafood in New Glasgow

New Glasgow Lobster Supper

You can make a right mess with the lobster here at the home of the original PEI Lobster Suppers (since 1958), while also gorging on an endless supply of great chowder, mussels, salads, breads and homemade desserts. …
Top Choice Seafood in Charlottetown

Point Prim Chowder House

For an atmospheric, authentic, sea-salty good time, check out the Chowder House, with its seasonal beachfront patio and seafood and chowder selection (yes, that's a range of chowders!) worth getting giddy over. Phon…
Top Choice Seafood in Kensington

Malpeque Oyster Barn

The hamlet of Malpeque Bay is where PEI's famous eponymous oysters come from, renowned for their briny taste that's perfect with a beer. This atmospheric cafe sits in the top of a fisher's barn overlooking the bay.
Seafood in Cavendish

Carr's Oysters

Dine on oysters straight from Malpeque Bay, or lobster, mussels and seafood you've never even heard of, like quahogs from Carr's own saltwater tanks. There is also plenty of fish on offer, from salmon to trout. The …
Seafood in Rustico & North Rustico

Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Suppers

During the dinner rush in July and August this huge place has lines of people out the door. Come hungry, as there are copious servings of chowder, tasty local mussels, rolls and a variety of desserts to go with your…
Seafood in Montague & Georgetown

Cardigan Lobster Suppers

In tiny Cardigan, enjoy a five-course Lobster Supper in a heritage building on Cardigan Harbor.
Seafood in Tignish & North Cape

Wind & Reef Restaurant & Lounge

Above the Interpretive Center, this atmospheric restaurant attracts visitors and locals out for a treat. The menu and view are equally vast and pleasing.
Seafood in Montague & Georgetown

Clamdigger's Beach House & Restaurant

Some claim this place serves PEI's best chowder, but no matter what your opinion, you can't help but ooh and aah about the water view from the deck or through the dining room's giant windows.