Parks Canada operates three main campgrounds within the park, which each have a different feel. There's a range of accommodations around the periphery of the park including campgrounds, cottages, basic motels and heritage hotels.

PEI National Park Campgrounds

There are three PEI National Park Campgrounds inside the boundaries of the park, all of which can be booked in advance online: you can specify which campground you want to stay at, but you can't pick an individual site.

Stanhope Campground (Gulfshore East Pkwy) Nestled nicely in the woods behind the beach of the same name. There is a well-stocked store on-site.

Robinsons Island Campground (Gulfshore East Pkwy) Located at the end of Brackley Point, this is the most isolated of the three campgrounds. It's not too much fun if the wind gets up.

Cavendish Campground The proximity of this campground to the sights makes it the most popular. Located off Rte 6, it has exposed oceanfront campsites as well as sites within the shelter and shade of the trees. Don't be lured by the view – it's nice, but sleep is better (and you won't get much here in the busy summer months).