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Age of Sail Heritage Centre

This fascinating museum in a postcard-perfect spot about 20km to the west of Parrsboro on Rte 209 memorializes the age of sail and the area's shipbuilding past. There's also a restored church and working blacksmiths…
Museum in Parrsboro

Fundy Geological Museum

This award-winning museum got a million-dollar makeover in 2010 and uses interactive exhibits to help its visitors 'time travel' to when the fossils littering Parrsboro's beaches were living creatures. You can see a…
Museum in Parrsboro

Ottawa House Museum

This 21-room mansion was once the summer home of Sir Charles Tupper (1821–1915), who served as both premier of Nova Scotia and prime minister of Canada. The museum has exhibits on shipbuilding, rum-running and the f…
Museum in Parrsboro


Science and environment buffs will get a kick from this fascinating leading research center for in-stream tidal energy, which welcomes visitors. It's best to phone ahead to express your interest.