Top things to do

Top Choice Waterfall in Nahanni National Park Reserve

Virginia Falls

Yes, there is a higher set of falls in British Columbia, but for the sheer gushing power of two mighty torrents of water, falling from a height of 96m (twice the height of Niagara Falls), and for the remote, spectac…
Top Choice Seafood in Yellowknife

Bullocks Bistro

This legendary shack, brimful of bumper stickers, happy diners, diners' graffiti, and mix-and-match furniture, is a sassy, humorous place specializing in huge portions of fish. It comes pan-fried, grilled or deep-fr…
Top Choice Museum in Yellowknife

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

Acting as NWT's historical and cultural archive, this well-laid-out museum overlooks Frame Lake. Expertly assembled displays address natural history, European exploration, Northern aviation, diamond mining and, espe…
Top Choice Microbrewery in Yellowknife

Woodyard Brewhouse & Eatery

This award-winning microbrewery is a fantastic new addition to Yellowknife's dining scene. Consistently packed with locals and visitors, it does many things right: the food (thin-crust pizza, mac 'n' cheese) is grea…
Top Choice Hill in Tuktoyaktuk

Pingo Canadian Landmark

The Tuk Peninsula has the world's highest concentration of pingos. Some 1350 of these huge mounds of earth-covered ice, that form only in a permafrost environment, dot the land. Two of these, nearest to Tuktoyaktuk,…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Yellowknife

Northern Images

Owned by aboriginal art-and-crafts cooperatives, this excellent place carries the famed Inuit prints and lithographs from Cape Dorset, Pangnirtung and Ulukhaktok, along with splendid soapstone sculptures, Dene birch…
Top Choice Performing Arts in Yellowknife

Snowking Winter Festival

The Snowking, a grizzled houseboater, organizes this great winter event, hosting concerts, theatrical performances and hockey games right through March at a giant ice castle he builds on Yellowknife Bay.
Top Choice Art in Inuvik

Great Northern Arts Festival

The North's top art festival draws carvers, painters and other creators from across the circumpolar world. It's great for buying Arctic art, watching it being made and participating in cultural events.
Top Choice Ethiopian in Yellowknife


Authentic Ethiopian food? In northern Canada? As unexpected as it is welcome, this unpretentious restaurant has earned itself a loyal clientele with generous portions of curried goat, doro wot (chicken stew) and oth…
Top Choice Market in Yellowknife

Yellowknife Farmers' Market

If you're in Yellowknife on a Tuesday, you're in for a treat. The farmers' market is a great place to hang out, catch up on local gossip and try everything from authentic Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese home cooking…