Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Yellowknife

Northern Images

Owned by aboriginal art-and-crafts cooperatives, this excellent place carries the famed Inuit prints and lithographs from Cape Dorset, Pangnirtung and Ulukhaktok, along with splendid soapstone sculptures, Dene birch…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Fort Liard

Acho Dene Native Crafts

This excellent shop that doubles as the local information office sells traditional Dene crafts, such as birch-bark baskets and containers, ornately decorated with dyed porcupine quills. There is also moose-antler fu…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Inuvik


The best arts-and-crafts shop in town, stocking plenty of soapstone and whalebone carvings as well as jewelry made of NWT diamonds. The art section focuses heavily on the dramatic, moody prints and cards by Yukon ar…
Arts & Crafts in Inuvik

Inuvialuit Development Corp Building

Sells a decent selection of beaded moccasins, home-smoked moose-hide mukluks and crow boots, some beautiful musk-ox-horn carvings, a selection of Ulukhaktok (Holman) prints and some fine examples of colorful delta b…
Arts & Crafts in Yellowknife

Aurora Emporium

Quality leatherworks from Alberta, a few carvings, some Dene beadwork and a host of paintings by semi-local artists form the core of this store's collection.
Arts & Crafts in Fort Smith

Rusty Raven

This sweet place sells some Dene beadwork, local art, books on local attractions and ESPE faux-leather handbags. It also does decent fair-trade coffee.