Top Choice Performing Arts in Yellowknife

Snowking Winter Festival

The Snowking, a grizzled houseboater, organizes this great winter event, hosting concerts, theatrical performances and hockey games right through March at a giant ice castle he builds on Yellowknife Bay.
Top Choice Art in Inuvik

Great Northern Arts Festival

The North's top art festival draws carvers, painters and other creators from across the circumpolar world. It's great for buying Arctic art, watching it being made and participating in cultural events.
Top Choice Light Show in Fort Smith

Dark Sky Festival

The Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Astronomical Society in Fort Smith runs a weekend full of events around mid-August, when the nights are dark and clear and there's tremendous potential for spotting the northern light…
Sports in Fort Smith

Slave River Paddlefest

Held on the first weekend in August, this wet ’n’ wild river festival involves paddling the Slave River, encompassing everything from flat-water canoeing to serious white water. Instructional clinics, Dene tradition…
Music in Fort Simpson


The Elevate Festival, a three-day music-and-arts event organised by Fort Simpson's Open Sky society, takes place on the first weekend of July. The organizers have a gallery in the library building in town displaying…
Cultural in Yellowknife

Old Town Ramble & Ride

This lively weeklong cultural fest culminates in a three-day weekend of bike rallies, crafts demonstrations, art shows, floatplane tours and live music.
Music in Yellowknife

Folk on the Rocks

This stellar two-day event on Long Lake features everything from hip-hop and rock to Dene drumming. It draws musicians from throughout Canada.
Fireworks in Inuvik

Sunrise Festival

Fireworks on the ice, a huge bonfire, music and dance greet the first sunrise after 30 days of darkness.