North Shore attractions

Park in Mingan Archipelago National Park

Mingan Archipelago National Park

By far the region's main attraction, this park is a protected string of 40 main offshore islands stretching more than 85km from Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan to 40km east of Havre St Pierre. The islands' distinguishing ch…
Island in Sept Îles

Île Grande Basque

The largest island of the small archipelago off Sept Îles is a pretty spot to spend a day, walking on the 12km of trails or picnicking on the coast. During the summer, Les Croisières du Capitaine runs regular 10-min…
Historic Site in Natashquan

Les Galets

Les Galets is a cluster of white huts with bright-red roofs, huddled together on a windblown peninsula; from a distance, they look like a textbook illustration for the concept of lonely isolation. Fishers used to sa…
Park in Île d’Anticosti

Parc National d'Anticosti

The provincial park that occupies the heart of Anticosti is as wild and gorgeous as the surrounding island, all forested cliffs, rushing streams, herds of deer and the occasional curious fox. There's a ton of activi…
Museum in Mingan Archipelago National Park

Cetacean Interpretation Center

Built by the researchers at Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS). It gives as much of an insight into the science of studying whales as it does the mysterious mammals themselves.
Museum in Sept Îles

Musée Régional de la Côte-Nord

This lovely little museum tells the history of the North Shore and its 8000 years of human habitation through a mix of gadgets and artifacts such as 17th-century maps.
Museum in Sept Îles

Musée Shaputuan

This is the North Shore's best museum on aboriginal culture. The atmospheric circular exhibition hall, divided into four sections symbolizing the seasons, follows the Innu (Montagnais) people as they hunt caribou or…
Museum in Natashquan

Vieille École

This little one-room schoolhouse once educated Gilles Vigneault, the Natashquan native who would go on to become, effectively, Québec's national songwriter. Today the schoolhouse has been converted into a museum tha…
Museum in Pointe des Monts

Pointe des Monts Lighthouse

This circa 1830 lighthouse, one of Québec's oldest, has lorded over dozens of shipwrecks, despite its function. Sitting on a picturesque spit of land, it has been converted into a museum explaining the lives of the …
Church in Mingan Archipelago National Park

Église Montagnaise

The small Catholic church Église Montagnaise contains a striking mix of Catholicism and aboriginal culture: a tepee form enshrines the crucifix, the pulpit is made of antlers, and tasseled cloth covers the altar, sh…