Market in Grand Manan Island

Roland's Sea Vegetables

This is the spot in the world to learn about dulse. Grand Manan is one of the few remaining producers of dulse, a type of seaweed that is used as a snack food or seasoning in Atlantic Canada and around the world. Du…
Sports & Outdoors in Miramichi River Valley

WW Doak & Sons

WW Doak & Sons is one of Canada's best fly-fishing shops. It sells a huge number of flies annually, nearly all made on the premises. A wander around will get an angler (even nonangler!) pumped.
Market in Moncton

Dieppe Farmers Market

A great place to get a taste of New Brunswick's vibrant Acadian culture is this weekly market. Stalls overflow with locally made cheeses, cottage wines and homemade preserves, plus Acadian dishes such as tourtière (…
Market in Saint John

Old City Market

Wedged between North and South Market Sts, this sense-stunning food hall has been home to wheeling and dealing since 1876. The interior of the impressive brick building is packed with produce stalls, bakeries, fishm…
Market in Moncton

Moncton Market

Touted as Southeastern New Brunswick's largest farmers market, stalls are chocked with fresh vegetables and produce and wonderful, ready-made international dishes. Local crafts add another flavor here too.
Food in St Stephen

Chocolate Museum Shop

The Chocolate Museum shop sells boxes of Ganong hand-dipped chocolates and is free to visit. Try the iconic chicken bone (chocolate-filled cinnamon sticks) or the old-fashioned Pal-O-Mine candy bar.