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Feature: World Class (Pond) Hockey

As anyone who has been in the country for more than five minutes knows, Canadians love their hockey. For many, this affection (obsession?) is wrapped up in happy childhood memories of bright winter afternoons chasing a puck up and down a frozen pond or backyard rink.Every February, the small forest town of Plaster Rock (population 1200), 84km from Mt Carleton, hosts the World Pond Hockey Tournament. Over 20 rinks are plowed on Roulston Lake, which is ringed by tall evergreens, hot-chocolate stands and straw-bale seating for the thousands of spectators drawn to the four-day event. The tournament is wildly popular, with 120-plus amateur four-person teams traveling in from every continent except Antarctica. Anyone can register to play, but they will have to defeat the Acadian Boys, who have scrambled over squads like the Skateful Dead, the Raggedy Ass River Boys and the Boiled Owls to put a lock on the championship trophy several years running.If you want to play, register early. If you want to watch, pack your long johns and a toque (wool hat) and book your accommodations early. The organizers keep a list of local folks willing to billet out-of-towners in their homes.

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