Middle Eastern in Little Italy, Mile End & Outremont

Le Petit Alep

The complex flavors of Syrian-Armenian cuisine draw diners from all over Montréal. A big menu includes hummus, salads and muhammara (spread made of walnuts, garlic, breadcrumbs, pomegranate syrup and cumin), plus be…
Lebanese in Downtown


This friendly little Lebanese joint scores high in popularity on the city’s shwarma circuit because of its delicious toasted pita sandwiches. Its late hours make it a favorite with pub crawlers in need of sustenance…
Turkish in Southwest & Outer Montréal


Chef Fisun Ercan takes her home-style but inventive Turkish cuisine beyond your expectations of kabobs and coffee. She prepares feather-light fried calamari, beef manti (dumplings) with garlic yogurt and spiced toma…