Vieux-Montréal has experienced a culinary renaissance in recent years, with a number of acclaimed restaurants winning over discerning diners and food critics alike. Here you’ll find top-notch Québecois and fusion fare, among some of the city’s most atmospheric dining rooms (it’s hard to beat the 18th-century backdrop). That said, Old Montréal still has plenty of touristy restaurants (mostly along Place Jacques-Cartier) where quantity not quality is the name of the game. The touristy-local divide is roughly Blvd St-Laurent, with the better restaurants lying to the west of this iconic street.

Billowy steam and scrumptious odors waft out of kitchens and into the streets of Montréal’s tiny but lively Chinatown. You'll find Cantonese, Vietnamese and even Mongolian eateries along Blvd St-Laurent and the pedestrian Rue de la Gauchetière.