Plateau Mont-Royal & the Northeast in detail

Planning Tips

Top Tips

Enjoying Montréal's famous bagels on the spot doesn't have to be expensive. While sitting down at St-Viateur Bagel & Café to a full bagel meal will cost you over $12, asking for just a bagel and cream cheese will cost you under $4. Even cheaper, some locals will order a $1 bagel from the takeout counter and, if it's not busy, the staff don't mind if you sit and gobble it up (neatly) at a table.

Local Experiences

  • Bar-hopping Coasting up and down Blvd St-Laurent is the quintessential bar-hopping experience for younger Montréalers.
  • Mountainsides It doesn’t get much more Montréal than picnicking, sunbathing and tobogganing (in winter) on the Mountain.
  • Foodie faves You can’t go wrong with a bagel, some smoked meat and poutine in your quest to be an authentic Montréaler.