Old Montréal in detail

Planning Tips

Top Tips

As with many streets in the city, east and west (est and ouest in French) labels on street signs don’t reflect true compass orientations. Remember that ‘east–west’ streets such as Rue Notre-Dame actually run closer to north–south, and this can be confusing if you like orienteering with maps.

Local Experiences

  • Happy hour In summer Montréalers love to enjoy cinq à sept (5pm to 7pm) happy hour on rooftop patios in Old Montréal.
  • Fine dining Locals flock to the atmospheric stone-walled dining rooms in Old Montréal as well as the cheapie noodle eateries in Chinatown.
  • Biking Rent a Bixi bike and ride from the Old Port to the Canal de Lachine bike path.