Top things to do in Miramichi River Valley

Sports & Outdoors in Miramichi River Valley

WW Doak & Sons

WW Doak & Sons is one of Canada's best fly-fishing shops. It sells a huge number of flies annually, nearly all made on the premises. A wander around will get an angler (even nonangler!) pumped.
Historic Site in Miramichi River Valley

Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Forty kilometers northwest of Miramichi, on the Esk River, the Metepenagiag Heritage Park has interpretive tours of Mi'kmaq culture and history on a 3000-year-old archaeological site.
Museum in Miramichi River Valley

Atlantic Salmon Museum

Learn about historic Doaktown's storied fishing history, plus wonderful artworks and anthropological gems at this lodgelike museum. Doaktown is 90km southwest of Miramichi.