Top things to do in Leamington & Pelee Island

Museum in Leamington & Pelee Island

Pelee Island Heritage Centre

Near West Dock, the small Pelee Island Heritage Centre has one of the best natural history collections in Ontario. Engrossing displays cover early indigenous to 20th-century history, geology, wildlife, industry, sai…
Park in Leamington & Pelee Island

Fish Point Nature Reserve

This long sandy spit is absolutely the southernmost point of Canada. A 3.2km return forest walkway leads to the point, one of the island's best swimming spots. It's a birdwatcher's Eden, with black-crowned night her…
Park in Leamington & Pelee Island

Point Pelee National Park

About 13km southeast of Leamington, this well-loved national park features nature trails, a marsh boardwalk, forests and lovely sandy beaches within the park. The fall migration of monarch butterflies is a spectacle…
Winery in Leamington & Pelee Island

Pelee Island Winery Wine Pavilion

Enjoy the fruits of island life. Regular tours are free at noon, 2pm and 4pm most days; special wine-and-cheese and wine-and-chocolate tours can be scheduled by calling. Check the website for details of their outlet…
Bar in Leamington & Pelee Island

Scudder Beach Bar & Grill

This woody bar room serves wraps and sandwiches plus gallons of cold beer; there might even be a live band on Saturday night and a barbecue Saturday day.
Bakery in Leamington & Pelee Island

Conorlee's Bakery & Delicatessen

Conorlee's bakes fresh breads, cakes, pizzas and pies, brews espresso and sells local honey. Grab a sandwich and eat it on the beach.