Top Choice Canadian in Lake Louise

Lake Louise Station Restaurant

Dine in the station's great hall or one of the dining cars, which are nothing short of elegant. Details like stacks of turn-of-the-century luggage and the stationmaster's desk take you back to 1910, when the station…
Top Choice Cafe in Lake Louise

Lake Agnes Teahouse

The 3.4km view-filled hike from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes is one of the area's most popular – surely because it ends here, at this fabulously rustic alpine teahouse that seems to hang in the clouds beside the ethere…
Cafe in Lake Louise

Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse

Constructed in 1927 as a way station for Swiss mountaineering guides leading clients up to the summit of Mt Victoria, this twin-level log chalet looks like something out of the pages of Heidi. Nestled in a quiet gla…
International in Lake Louise

Caribou Lounge

A 1930s log lounge with a view of Victoria Glacier is one of the more relaxed options for lunch or dinner around Lake Louise. Specialties like elk salami, seared scallop and tomato gazpacho, and grilled bison flank …
British in Lake Louise

Fairview Lounge

File it under 'part of the experience.' Rarely will you get afternoon tea served up with these kind of views. The Chateau Lake Louise's expensive British-style spread includes finger sandwiches, India's best orange …
Cafe in Lake Louise

Bill Peyto’s Café

Lively Peyto's is a popular hangout, with live music and a decent bar. The menu's not fancy but the food is consistently good. Fill up on homemade granola or a burrito huevo for breakfast; try seafood chili or mac '…
Sandwiches in Lake Louise

Trailhead Café

This is the place to come for lunch to pack with you on the trail. Creative wraps, sandwiches and bagels are made to order, staff is well-versed in their espresso machine, and the omelettes and buttermilk pancakes a…
Bakery in Lake Louise

Laggan's Bakery

You don't come here for the atmosphere but for the fresh bread and baked goods. This cafeteria/bakery has a few seats and gets famously busy in summer. Pick up breakfast on a bun, chili, savory pies or some pizza to…
Cafe in Lake Louise

Lodge of the Ten Peaks

Fill up for the day on the Sasquatch breakfast sandwich, or pick up a burger or hot dog for lunch in this mountainside cafeteria.
Supermarket in Lake Louise

Village Market

A small supermarket where you can stock up on necessities.