Lake Huron Shoreline attractions

Museum in Goderich

Huron County Museum

Walk the wooden floorboards for an informed look at local history, industry and transportation. Displays include everything from antique furniture and china to an old steam engine and a tank. Stays opens later, till…
Museum in Goderich

Huron Historic Gaol

Follow a creepy, prison-gray corridor into this octagonal fortress that served as courthouse and jail for almost 130 years (and was the site of Canada’s last public hanging in 1869).
Island in Southampton & Around

Chantry Island

Chantry Island, just 2km off the shoreline, is home to a lonely lighthouse and a sanctuary for migratory birds. The only way to reach the island is with Chantry Island Tours.
Museum in Southampton & Around

Bruce County Museum

This museum has an extensive collection of artifacts relating to shipwrecks in the region. There are also rotating summer exhibits for kids.