Labrador attractions

Park in Northern Coast

Torngat Mountains National Park

Canada's newest national park was established in 2006. Named from the Inuktitut word Torngait (place of spirits), the area is the ancestral home of Inuit and their predecessors. Its spectacular wilderness features h…
Historic Site in Red Bay

Red Bay National Historic Site

In the mid-16th century, Basque whalers came to the Strait of Belle Isle to hunt large numbers of right and bowhead whales and harvest their oil to light lamps all around Europe. The major whaling port of Red Bay is…
Park in Labrador West

Grande Hermine Park

From Wabush, 39km east on Rte 500 is Grande Hermine Park, which has a beach and some fine scenery. The Menihek hiking trail (15km) goes through wooded areas with waterfalls and open tundra. Outfitters can take angle…
Lighthouse in Forteau to Pinware

Point Amour Lighthouse

At 109ft, this is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada, with 127 steps to climb. When you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a spectacular 360-degree view of the coastline. The HMS Raleigh went aground he…
Museum in Labrador West

Gateway Labrador

In the same building as the visitor center is Gateway Labrador and its Montague Exhibit Hall, where 3500 years of human history and culture, including the fur trade, are represented with intriguing artifacts and dis…
Museum in Central Labrador

Labrador Interpretation Centre

Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997, the Labrador Interpretation Centre is the provincial museum, which holds some of Labrador's finest works of art. It's in North West River, via Rte 520.
Historic Site in Forteau to Pinware

L'Anse Amour Burial Mound

A pile of stones, placed here by the Maritime Archaic Aboriginals, is the oldest burial monument in North America. A small roadside plaque marks the 7500-year-old site.
Historic Site in Northern Coast

Hopedale National Historic Site

A national historic site featuring a 1782 wooden Moravian mission church.
Museum in Red Bay

Selma Barkham Town Centre

Selma Barkham was a tireless investigator of local history. Check out the stories she uncovered in this pleasant museum, which also features a 15m, 400-year-old North Atlantic right whale skeleton.
Museum in Central Labrador

Northern Lights Building

The Northern Lights Building hosts a military museum, interesting lifelike nature scenes and simulated northern lights.