Top things to do in Labrador West

Park in Labrador West

Grande Hermine Park

From Wabush, 39km east on Rte 500 is Grande Hermine Park, which has a beach and some fine scenery. The Menihek hiking trail (15km) goes through wooded areas with waterfalls and open tundra. Outfitters can take angle…
Sushi in Labrador West

Sushi Lab

This pleasant dining experience is nouveau-Labrador all the way. Order from a selection of dozens of sushi rolls with an iPad, and you will be pleasantly rewarded. For less adventurous diners, there's also Chinese f…
Museum in Labrador West

Gateway Labrador

In the same building as the visitor center is Gateway Labrador and its Montague Exhibit Hall, where 3500 years of human history and culture, including the fur trade, are represented with intriguing artifacts and dis…