Killick Coast attractions

Aquarium in Killick Coast

Ocean Sciences Centre

Right out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this university center examines the salmon life cycle, seal navigation, ocean currents and life in cold oceanic regions. The outdoor visitors area consists of local sea lif…
Museum in Killick Coast

Bell Island Community Museum

Miners here used to work in shafts under the sea at the world's largest submarine iron mine. Conditions were grim: the museum tells tales of adolescents working 10-hour days by candlelight. Visitors can also go unde…
Island in Killick Coast

Bell Island

The largest of Conception Bay's little landmasses makes an interesting day trip from St John's. It was the only place on the continent hit by German forces in WWII. U-boats torpedoed the pier and 80,000 tonnes of ir…