Top things to do in Kananaskis Country

Top Choice Canadian in Kananaskis Country

Mt Engadine Lodge Dining Room

It's worth detouring off the Smith Dorrien/Spray Trail for a bite at this charming backwoods lodge. Drop-ins are welcome for the daily afternoon tea, which features freshly baked goods, fancy cheeses, local meats an…
Cafe in Kananaskis Country

Moose Family Kitchen

Presided over by its delightful Japanese chef-owner, this no-nonsense cafe in the heart of Kananaskis Village serves an eclectic mix of bagels, sandwiches, panini, milkshakes, ramen, curry and teriyaki bowls. It's n…
Italian in Kananaskis Country


One of several restaurants in Kananaskis Village owned by the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, Forte starts serving at breakfast time but really hits its stride in the evening, when crusty wood-fired pizzas start …