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Top Choice Coffee in Jasper Town & Around

SnowDome Coffee Bar

Some of Jasper's best damn coffee is – no joke! – served at this former Coin Clean Laundry, now reincarnated as a cafe-gallery-community hangout. Beyond the stellar espresso, SnowDome bakes killer muffins (still ove…
Microbrewery in Jasper Town & Around

Folding Mountain Taproom

This up-and-coming microbrewery draws a boisterous mix of locals from nearby Hinton and travelers heading to or from the wilderness. Test the waters with a four-beer sampler (choose from Flash Flood IPA, Alpine Cran…
Brewery in Jasper Town & Around

Jasper Brewing Co

This brewpub was the first of its kind in a Canadian national park, using glacial water to make its fine ales, including the signature Rockhopper IPA and Jasper the Bear honey beer. It's a perennial favorite hangout…
Bar in Jasper Town & Around

Downstream Lounge

This is likely the most well-stocked bar in town, with a wide array of whiskeys, vodkas and other alcoholic indulgences – and a bar staff who know how to use them. There's some awesome food to keep your head above w…
Pub in Jasper Town & Around

Whistle Stop Pub

Shock, horror! You are actually more likely to meet a local (as opposed to a tourist) in this salt-of-the-earth pub attached to the Whistlers Inn.
Bar in Jasper Town & Around

Atha-B Nightclub

Nightclubbing in a national park is about as congruous as wildlife-viewing in downtown Toronto. Bear this in mind before you hit the Atha-B, a pub-slash-nightclub off the lobby of the Athabasca Hotel, where mullets …