Top things to do in Iqaluit

Top Choice Cultural in Iqaluit

Alianait Arts Festival

A midsummer celebration of Inuit culture encompassing art, music, film, storytelling, food and a circus. Events like seal thanksgiving and concerts around National Aboriginal Day (June 21) are sometimes tied in.
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Iqaluit

Carvings Nunavut

Inside the Tumiit Plaza building, this place has an excellent, fairly priced collection of Inuit soapstone and whalebone sculpture for sale, as well as prints by Nunavut's artists.
Top Choice Museum in Iqaluit

Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum

This friendly little museum in an old Hudson's Bay Company building hosts high-quality temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists, though the permanent collection of traditional Inuit clothing, tools, weaponry an…
Top Choice Notable Building in Iqaluit

Legislative Assembly

It's well worth taking an entertaining free tour of Nunavut's prefab parliament to learn about all manner of Inuit art displayed throughout the building, as well as about the chamber, with its aboriginal touches, su…
Top Choice French in Iqaluit

Granite Room

Nunavut's top restaurant at the Discovery hotel is consistently better and more imaginative than the competition. The fare is heavily French-influenced and offers specials to complement à la carte offerings that inc…
Top Choice Club in Iqaluit

Royal Canadian Legion

'But it's a Legion!,' you might say. Yes, and it doubles as a club and karaoke joint on weekends and becomes the most hopping place in Iqaluit, with a mixed crowd of Inuit, Somalians and other party-goers. To get in…
Area in Iqaluit


Five kilometers from downtown, Apex is now Iqaluit's beach suburb, but was where nomadic Inuit began to settle when modern Iqaluit was an airbase. On the shore is the photogenic Hudson Bay Trading Post complex. It's…
Clothing in Iqaluit


In a centrally located, bright-purple studio, Faroese designer Rannva Erlingsdóttir Simonsen sews together the ancient and the chic, generating beautiful fur and sealskin garments. Also sold are mittens and accessor…
Canadian in Iqaluit


The perpetually popular upmarket restaurant at the Frobisher Inn steers diners toward arctic char wraps, pad Thai, paella and musk-ox burgers at lunchtime, when service can get rather harried. Dinner is equally glob…
Arts & Crafts in Iqaluit

Iqaluit Fine Arts Studio

Hidden in the industrial part of town, a 20-minute walk from the center, this studio stocks a good selection of stone carvings, as well as stonecut and stencil prints, copperplate etchings and lithographs by both re…