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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Iqaluit

Carvings Nunavut

Inside the Tumiit Plaza building, this place has an excellent, fairly priced collection of Inuit soapstone and whalebone sculpture for sale, as well as prints by Nunavut's artists.
Clothing in Iqaluit


In a centrally located, bright-purple studio, Faroese designer Rannva Erlingsdóttir Simonsen sews together the ancient and the chic, generating beautiful fur and sealskin garments. Also sold are mittens and accessor…
Arts & Crafts in Iqaluit

Iqaluit Fine Arts Studio

Hidden in the industrial part of town, a 20-minute walk from the center, this studio stocks a good selection of stone carvings, as well as stonecut and stencil prints, copperplate etchings and lithographs by both re…
Arts & Crafts in Iqaluit


This cheerful little store next to the post office sells Inuit music CDs, Northern-themed T-shirts and earrings, sealskin purses and a selection of small stone carvings and ulus (Inuit women's knives).
Sports & Outdoors in Iqaluit

Arctic Survival Store

Your one-stop shop for bug jackets, bug repellent, fishing equipment, and a selection of outdoor clothing by North Face and Canada Goose.
Books in Iqaluit

Arctic Ventures

Upstairs in this multipurpose supermarket and electronics store is a good selection of Inuit music CDs and books on Inuit culture and Arctic exploration. It also has a shop at the airport.