Top things to do in Île du Cap aux Meules

Fusion in Île du Cap aux Meules

Pas Perdus

Munching on a burger or lobster salad on the terrace at Pas Perdus, or in the red interior among curvy mirrors and thoughtfully curated local art, is a sure way to feel the islands' bohemian pulse.
Museum in Île du Cap aux Meules

Ècomusée de la Mi-Carême

The Catholic tradition of Carnival – a period of masking and celebration before the austere fasting of Lent – has many incarnations around the world, such as Carnival in Rio and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Canadian A…
Cafe in Île du Cap aux Meules

Café la Côte

Near the fishers statue in L'Étang-du-Nord, this beach-hut-like place is perfect for breakfast or a quick lunch of seafood or pasta. The adjoining boîte à chanson puts on outdoor Acadian music shows on summer evenin…
Cafe in Île du Cap aux Meules

Café d'Chez Nous

As cute, bohemian and cozy a cafe as you please, this is a great spot for a strong coffee and a fresh croissant, or whatever other light sandwich, salad or baked good you so desire.
Bar in Île du Cap aux Meules

Bar Le Central

This dark little pub has all kinds of local bric-a-brac on the walls and a clientele that runs from salty fishers to art-gallery owners to transplants from the city spending a season working as tour guides.
Brewery in Île du Cap aux Meules

À l'Abri de la Tempête

Finish the day at this microbrewery on the beach.