Grand Manan Island attractions

Landmark in Grand Manan Island

Fishing Weirs

Those round contraptions comprising wooden posts that you see dotting the waters around Grand Manan are based on the design of ancient fishing traps; some of those you see date back to the 19th century, though, sadl…
Museum in Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan Historical Museum

This museum makes a good destination on a foggy day. Its diverse collection of local artifacts provides a quick primer on island history. You can see a display on shipwreck lore and the original kerosene lamp from n…
Historic Site in Grand Manan Island

Seal Cove

Seal Cove is the island's prettiest village. Much of its charm comes from the fishing boats, wharves and herring-smoking sheds clustered around the tidal creek mouth. For a century, smoked herring was king on Grand …
Lighthouse in Grand Manan Island

Swallowtail Lighthouse

Whitewashed Swallowtail Lighthouse (1860) is the island's signature vista, cleaving to a rocky promontory about 1km north of the ferry wharf. Access is via steep stairs and a wooden footbridge. Since the light was a…
Gallery in Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan Art Gallery

This lovely, not-for-profit local gallery showcases local, seasonal and regional artists, as well as well-known historic and emerging figures. Definitely worth checking out.