Top Choice Pub Food in Galiano Island

Hummingbird Pub

A beloved rustic pub nestled among the Galiano trees. Look out for wandering deer and, of course, hummingbirds, outside. Fish-and-chips is the mainstay of the menu but plenty of other satisfying pub grub is also ava…
Canadian in Galiano Island


The delightful woodland setting will draw you through the door but the farm-to-table food is what you'll remember long after you return home: seasonal, local and even foraged. You'll find top-notch duck, seafood and…
Cafe in Galiano Island

Sturdies Bay Bakery

Fuel up on breakfast, treats and local gossip at this island-favorite bakery cafe. Check out the regionally created artworks lining the walls while you tuck into your apple turnover; be sure you take a meat pie or t…