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The North is an immense region, the most northerly sections of which are dotted with tiny Inuit and First Nations settlements accessible only by bush plane. The developed areas largely owe their existence to massive industrial operations – mining, forestry and hydroelectricity. While accessing the really far North (the Inuit communities in Nunavik) requires expensive flights, other areas of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue and James Bay regions can easily, with time, be reached by car and bus, and will provide a taste of Canada's true North.

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$612.63 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Historic Boat Tour on Bonne Bay

View the waterfront areas of Woody Point and Norris Point as they were seen by the earliest settlers. See the beauty that the first settlers saw as they first arrived in the area and hear stories about the trials and hardships that they faced as they started their new life in a foreign land far away from their homeland. Learn how the first settlers came to settle where they did and how they adapted to the harsh environment while admiring the beauty that they saw. View Gros Morne Mountain and the Tablelands and discover why this area was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Keep your eyes open for the whales and dolphins that frequent the area while watching the bald eagles hunt for food along the shoreline. The Tour starts in Woody Point goes to Norris Point to pick up more passengers and then proceeds to follow the complete shoreline around the Western Arm of Bonne Bay to view all of the settlements in this area.

$52.84 Water Sports

Regular Rafting Package On Rouge River

Enjoy a 2.5-hour rafting run on the Quebec's Rouge River. After arriving at the base camp, your experienced guide will discuss the basic whitewater rules and techniques. All the safety gear is provided: lifejackets, helmet, paddle and wetsuits. Once the raft leaves the river, let the fun begin as you prepare for class 3 to 4 rapids. At any moment during the ride, your guide may share numerous stories about the Rouge River.After your rafting experience, it's time to relax! You'll have access to the base camp facilities, which includes a pool, hot tub, volleyball court, horseshoe game, and deck and bar. It's a complete and wonderful experience.

$68.92 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Trinity Bay Whale Watching Tour

Your tour begins at the Trinity Eco-Tours Lodge and Interpretation Centre. Your guide will explain the types of whales you'll see, their characteristics, migratory patterns and feeding habits, as well as the description of the type of birds you'll expect to see. Learn about the history of the area, its roots to traditional fishing methods and the culture that emerged from an island isolated in the sea.From here, you'll journey to the dock (approximately 50 yards) where you'll be fitted in an immersion suit to ensure your safety and comfort on the trip. Afterwards, board one of the two Zodiac style (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats) boats. Listen to a safety brief on the vessels and then head out on the excursion. Travel to Fort Point across the Harbor, where under the Lighthouse, cannons from the 17th century still point to sea to protect the harbor from invaders. This British Garrison protected this English settlement from the French. Once outside of Fort Point, whales can be encountered at any time. Travel the coast in search of the air breathing mammals accompanied with their young at this particular time of year. Visit an occupied eagles nest with eaglet usually in the nest. From here, continue up the coastline to view whales, the spectacular scenery, seascapes, and communities along the way culminating with a stop at Spaniards Cove. Here, you should see many bald eagles getting ready to feed on the same fish as the big whales, an offshore fish about the same size as a smelt called capelin. Capelin enter Trinity Bay by the billions! They are the preferred food of the migrating whale population. It has drawn them here for eons.At Spaniards Cove there is usually an abundance of whales and bald eagles. Black shoals of capelin are viewed here as the capelin spawn on the shoreline. There are usually close encounters at this point in the tour.Continue on to Bonaventure Head and encounter many types of whales and marine life. Visit a sea cave shortly after this that extends about 300 yards into the rock face. Tea and scones will be served at this point in the tour, time allowing. Then, continue on to Anthony Island and a Puffin colony. You may also visit some old abandoned communities that are a part of this area's history. As you return to the dock, pass by Admiral Island and Fort Point, and admire the historic sea town of Trinity from the ocean. Afterwards, you may enjoy a cup of tea or lunch in the restaurant lodge.

$596.55 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Whale Watching Tour with 2-Nights Accommodation Package

Be welcomed to your room at Trinity Eco-tours Lodge for your first night's accommodation. All rooms are ensuites with a double or queen bed. Choose a premier suite at an additional cost. Relax in your room enjoying cable and free WiFi. Hot breakfast is included with the room.Enjoy your stay at the lodge for two days while choosing your tour times to view whales, icebergs, puffins, gannets, bald eagles, dolphins, capelin on a Zodiac Tour. This tour is 3-hours long with a guided introduction to the species of whales, sea birds, and animals that are typically seen on these tours. Your guides will then fit you with an immersion suit to let you truly enjoy the thrill of being in a Zodiac boat. Enjoy a close viewing of the marine world. Travel up the Trinity Coast and view the majestic mountain cliffs that culminate in a rocky shoreline. Here, Eagles migrate annually to prey on the sea birds and fish that thrive in this area. Capelin roll on the beaches to spawn and fertilize their eggs after traveling from their offshore home. Humpback, Sperm, Fin and other species complete an annual migration to feed on the billions and billions of these little fish. You'll pass by an occupied eagles nest with young eaglets in view. Gannets, puffins, turres and murres are seen along the way. Dolphins are not an uncommon appearance and may show up anywhere on the tour. Several films have been shot in the Trinity area, including The Shipping News, The Grand Seduction, Random Passage and just recently Maudie. You'll pass by the areas that these films were shot. They are included in the tour at the 1, 5 and 6 Nautical Mile mark. The tour turnaround point is at the sea cave, where you'll enter at Bonaventure Head and Maiden Island.Depending upon the time, you may stop by to visit the Puffin Colony at Anthony Island. Minke whales are a year long resident of this area. They are seen at any time during the year. Track down the centre of the bay to see any wildlife that does not stick close to the shoreline, such as Porpoises, Shags, Gannets and Shearwaters.Highlights include stopping at Spaniards Cove to count the many Bald Eagles on the cliffs and Bonaventure Head to fish for a Cod in season. This is a great opportunity to catch your own lunch. Finish the tour with a viewing of the Cormorants on Skerwink Rock and a view of one of the most Celebrated trails in Canada - the Skerwink Trail, a great view and a terrific hike. Hikers can be seen walking the trail from the boat. Lots of other great unscripted things can happen.Enjoy another nights accommodation at your lodge, pick up the guitar and play a tune. Someone may even join in and play a tune for you, possibly the owner. Repeat your experience in a kayak which has a totally different perspective. Enjoy a harbor tour leaving form Trinity Beach going to Skerwink Head, view wildlife and sea caves.

$134.01 Water Sports

Trinity Tow 'N' Go Kayak Tour

Meet at the Trinity Eco-tours Lodge which is the jump off point for your tour. Your guide will explain the route that will be taken on your tour and the predetermined path to get back. The route is based upon wildlife viewing opportunities, sea state, kayaker experience and comfort levels. At this point, you'll pick up your gear and kayaks and head to the drop-off location, which can be one of several points including Bonaventure, Trouty, Champneys East or West or Port Rexton.Each paddle offers unique opportunities and attractions. Most tours have the opportunity to see bald eagles and occupied eagles nests. Paddle past islands and beaches of rolling Capelin in season. These small fish are the basis for the life cycle of almost every migratory whale species that frequent this area. They can be seen on your tour as well as the whales that gorge themselves on them.Paddle past humpbacks in season and view the Skirwink Trail, a favorite hike designated as one of the top ten trails in Canada. You'll view several rock structures from the water. Later, you can hike the trail and view them from the top. Your tour ends passing the lighthouse at Trinity at Fort Point past the cannons still pointing to sea to keep away marauders. Finally, enter Trinity where you haul up and continue back to the lodge for a debrief and a discussion of your trip and picture exchange. Your guides will gladly answer all your questions and may also use posters in the Marine Interpretation Centre to explain any feature or creature that you saw on your trip. Your paddle is approximately 4 hours. Dress for the weather conditions. Follow your guide's recommendations.

$61.26 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Whale-Watching Marine Wildlife Excursion by Zodiac Boat

This Zodiac boat tour covers three hours of on-the-ocean observation and interpretation of the activities viewed. The guide will begin with a brief introduction of the types of marine wildlife in the area. Then continue to the dock for a fitting with an immersion suit to wear in the boat. Temperatures vary, so it's best to be prepared.Afterwards, continue to the preferred areas where whale activity is observed regularly. There is also a puffin colony to visit in season. See many different animals at different times, such as humpback, fin, sperm, and minke whales, plus dolphins, porpoises, orcas, bluefin tuna, and sunfish (Mola Mola). Other types of wildlife include marine water fowl, bald eagles, gannets, turres, and much more. The scenery and the coastline, including the sea caves, are spectacular.

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