Eastern Shore attractions

Top Choice Museum in Eastern Shore

Memory Lane Heritage Village

A 20-minute drive from Tangier, this outstanding example of how a community can work together to preserve its history re-creates a 1940s Eastern Shore village in a series of lovingly relocated and restored buildings…
Top Choice Museum in Eastern Shore

Sherbrooke Village

This wonderful, colorful re-creation of a Nova Scotian village between 1860 and 1914 has over 80 restored buildings, 25 of which are open to the public and bustling with activity, thanks to demonstrations enacted by…
State Park in Eastern Shore

Taylor Head Provincial Park

A little-known scenic highlight of Nova Scotia, this spectacular park encompasses a peninsula jutting 6.5km into the Atlantic. On one side is a long, very fine, sandy beach fronting a protected bay. Some 17km of hik…
Museum in Eastern Shore

Fisherman's Life Museum

The tiny Fisherman's Life Museum, 35km west of Tangier, should really be renamed; the man of the house used to row 16km to get to his fishing grounds, leaving his wife and 13 daughters at home. The museum authentica…
Historic Site in Canso

Grassy Island National Historic Site

An interpretive center on the waterfront tells the story of Grassy Island National Historic Site, which lies just offshore and can be visited by boat until 4pm. In 1720 the British built a small fort to offset the F…
Museum in Eastern Shore

Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum

This wonderful little railway museum, loved by train buffs and kids alike, looks a little incongruous in its surroundings: it's hard to believe there was once a passenger service through here. Housed in the 1918 rai…
Museum in Canso

Whitman House Museum

The 1885 Whitman House Museum holds reminders of the town's history and offers a wonderful view from the widow's walk on the roof. The museum also serves as Canso's unoffical tourist information office.
Museum in Guysborough

Old Court House Museum

The Old Court House Museum displays artifacts related to early farming and housekeeping. It also offers tourist information and guides to hiking trails.