Eastern Ontario in detail

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Cottage Country

Much of Ontario, from the shores of Lake Erie to Muskoka, the Kawarthas, Haliburton Highlands and even the Thousand Islands, is cottage country – thousands of lakes dotted with rocky islands and forested shorelines offering dazzling sunsets: perfect for a weekend home. It won't be long after you arrive in Toronto that you're introduced to the slow pace and hospitality of someone's cottage, for that's what Ontario summers are all about – communing with friends, family and nature over cold beer, fine wine and good food.

Torontonians flock to the lakes as soon as the weather gets warm. Ramshackle fishing huts are prised open at the first available moment after the spring thaw, while sprawling waterfront mansions awake from their slumber. Flowerpots are replanted, freezers restocked and families begin their weekly pilgrimage from the city.

The common denominator of the cottage phenomenon is the sense of pride in one's place and the desire to be in the great outdoors. Canoes, kayaks, ski-boats and Sea-Doos all come out and the lazy days and wild nights begin, until winter, when the lakes freeze over, the snowmobiles appear and they do it all again.