Dehcho attractions

Top Choice Waterfall in Nahanni National Park Reserve

Virginia Falls

Yes, there is a higher set of falls in British Columbia, but for the sheer gushing power of two mighty torrents of water, falling from a height of 96m (twice the height of Niagara Falls), and for the remote, spectac…
Lake in Nahanni National Park Reserve

Glacier Lake

Flanked by the Britnell Glacier in the northwest reaches of the park, this spectacular lake is surrounded by the granite mountains of the Ragged Range and is the gateway to the climbers' mecca known as the Cirque of…
Waterfall in Mackenzie Highway

Sambaa Deh Falls Territorial Park

Around 88km east of Checkpoint, this protected area is centered around the spectacular Sambaa Falls that roar through a gorge just off the side of the highway, with a short trail on the east side of the bridge leadi…
Gallery in Fort Simpson

OSC Gallery

The organizers of the Elevate Festival have a gallery in the library building in town displaying contemporary and traditional Dehcho art.
Notable Building in Fort Simpson

Albert Faille Cabin

This little cabin was the home of eccentric local prospector, Albert Faille, who went searching for gold in the Nahanni Mountains every year between the 1950s and his death in 1973; he never struck it lucky. You can…
Notable Building in Fort Simpson

MacPherson House

This 1936 log cabin sits on the site of the original Hudson's Bay Company compound and is a terrific example of Métis architecture. You can only visit the exterior.