Top Choice Canadian in Dawson City

Klondike Kate's

Two ways to know spring has arrived: the river cracks up and Kate's reopens. Locals in the know prefer the latter. The long and inventive menu has fine sandwiches, pastas and fresh Yukon fish. Look for great special…
Top Choice Greek in Dawson City

Drunken Goat Taverna

Follow your eyes to the flowers, your ears to the Aegean music and your nose to the excellent Greek food, run year-round by the legendary Tony Dovas. A new terrace out back is a fine place to while away an evening.
Cafe in Dawson City

Alchemy Cafe

Groovy in the best sense of the word, Alchemy combines fantastic vegetarian food with a life-affirming green ethos. The coffees are way cool (in a hot sort of way) and special events include music, talks and, yes, r…
Market in Dawson City

Farmers Market

A farmers market thrives by the iconic waterfront gazebo. The sweet-as-candy carrots are the product of very cold nights. Try some birch syrup.
Bakery in Dawson City

Cheechako's Bake Shop

A real bakery and a good one, on the main strip. Muffins, cookies and treats vie for your attention with sandwiches made on homemade bread.
Cafe in Dawson City

River West

Busy throughout the day, this fine coffeehouse, bakery and cafe looks out onto the Front St action. Grab an outside table.