Dawson City attractions

Top Choice Historic Site in Dawson City

Klondike National Historic Sites

It's easy to relive the gold rush at myriad preserved and restored places. Parks Canada runs walking tours through the day that allow access into various examples of the 26 restored buildings. Take several tours so …
Top Choice Landmark in Dawson City

Dredge No 4

The scarred valleys around Dawson speak to the vast amounts of toil that went into the gold hunt. Most emblematic is Bonanza Creek, where gold was first found and which still yields some today. Dredge No 4, 13km off…
Top Choice Museum in Dawson City

Jack London Interpretive Centre

In 1898 Jack London lived in the Yukon, the setting for his most popular stories, including Call of the Wild and White Fang. At the writer's cabin there are excellent daily interpretive talks. A labor of love by the…
Top Choice Historic Site in Dawson City

Bonanza Creek Discovery Site

Some 1.5km up the valley from Dredge No 4, this national historic site is roughly where gold was first found in 1896. It's a quiet site today with a little water burbling through the rubble. A fascinating 500m-long …
Viewpoint in Dawson City

Crocus Bluff

Near Dawson's cemeteries, there's a short path out to pretty Crocus Bluff, which has excellent views of Dawson and the Klondike and Yukon Rivers. If driving, take New Dome Rd and turn at Mary McLeod Rd (ignoring the…
Viewpoint in Dawson City

Midnight Dome

The slide-scarred face of this hill overlooks the town to the north, but to reach the top you must travel south of town about 1km, turn left off the Klondike Hwy onto New Dome Rd, and continue for about 7km. The Mid…
Historic Building in Dawson City

Commissioner's Residence

Built in 1901 to house the territorial commissioner, this proud building was designed to give potential civic investors confidence in the city. The building was the longtime home of Martha Black, who came to the Yuk…
Gallery in Dawson City

Fortymile Gold Workshop/Studio

Watch as jewelry is made from local refined gold, which is silky and has a rich yellow color, as opposed to the bling you see peddled on late-night TV. Examples of gold from various local claims and locations shows …
Museum in Dawson City

Dawson City Museum

Make your own discoveries among the 25,000 gold-rush artifacts at this museum. Engaging exhibits walk you through the grim lives of the miners. The museum is housed in the landmark 1901 Old Territorial Administratio…
Historic Site in Dawson City

SS Keno

The SS Keno was one of a fleet of paddle wheelers that worked the Yukon's rivers for more than half a century. Grounded along the waterfront, the boat re-creates a time before any highways.