Top Choice Pizza in Chicoutimi

La Parizza

Pizza, objectively, is awesome. The Québec obsession with terroir ingredients is also awesome. When these two culinary concepts collide, you get La Parizza, which features such brilliant creations as margherita pizz…
Burgers in Chicoutimi

Rouge Burger Bar

This build-your-own-burger bar has got a good thing going when it comes to meat on buns. There's a tonne of poutines and burger component options, from lamb to salmon to veg to good old beef, as well as a ridiculous…
Pub Food in Chicoutimi

La Voie Maltée

This might be a personal preference, but when we go exploring fjords, we like to wrap the day up with a beer from a local microbrewery served alongside some fish and chips. Or grilled sausage, local salmon, smoked c…