Top Choice Seafood in Charlottetown

Water Prince Corner Shop & Lobster Pound

When locals want seafood they head to this inconspicuous, sea-blue eatery near the wharf. It is deservedly famous for its scallop burgers, but it's also the best place in town for fresh lobster. You'll probably have…
Top Choice Seafood in Charlottetown

Claddagh Oyster House

Locals herald the Claddagh Room as one of the best seafood restaurants in Charlottetown. Trust 'em! The Irish-inspired Galway Bay Delight features a coating of fresh cream and seasonings over scallops and shrimp tha…
Top Choice Seafood in Charlottetown

Point Prim Chowder House

For an atmospheric, authentic, sea-salty good time, check out the Chowder House, with its seasonal beachfront patio and seafood and chowder selection (yes, that's a range of chowders!) worth getting giddy over. Phon…