Québécois in La Malbaie

Vices Versa

The name comes from the split personality menu, on which owner-chefs Danielle and Eric have each created a column of choices. The menu is underpinned by local produce (Éboulmontaise lamb, calf's sweetbreads with Gra…
French in Baie St Paul

Le Mouton Noir

Since 1978, the rustic-looking Black Sheep has been home to fine French cuisine. Fish – including walleye, the freshwater queen – is on offer when available, as are buffalo, caribou and steak, all enlivened by a def…
Québécois in Baie St Paul

Les Labours

Located in Le Germain Hotel, this impeccably modern restaurant professes a deep love of local produce, game and fish, reflected in a menu that touts, depending on the season, liver in a cider vinegar sauce, greens p…
French in Baie St Paul

L'Orange Bistro

This central, colorful restaurant's terrace overlooks the main road into town, but it's easy to forget the cars when the food's this good. Local produce on offer includes organic chicken, spare ribs, veal, venison a…
Québécois in La Malbaie

Restaurant Bistro le Patriarche

This elegant, 10-table bistro in a house that dates to 1860 is quickly making a name for itself. Chef Michel churns out interestingly presented, impeccably executed French cuisine that often makes good use of the re…
Californian in La Malbaie

Café Chez-Nous

This sunny little diner is stuffed with cutesy art and knickknacks, and serves up a menu that blends California, Italy and Québec. This is a good thing! Bagels with salmon share table space with Tuscan-style pizzas …
Québécois in Baie St Paul

Chez Bouquet

Chez Bouquet has been touted as the town's first 'eco-bistro.' We're willing to forgive the buzz-wordiness of that descriptor given its excellent cuisine: tea-leaf-crusted cod with fresh strawberry salsa, flambéed v…
Pub Food in Baie St Paul

Le Saint Pub

Ale lovers will foam at the mouth in this former brewery, where the dinner menu begins with beers and continues via beer-based sauces, dressings and marinades. The grub is pub-y, hearty fare, and tasty to boot.
Bakery in La Malbaie

Pains d'Exclamation

This bakery makes a good lunchtime stop, mainly for the grilled sandwich with Brie-like local cheese, Le Fleurmier, apples and walnuts.
Cafe in Baie St Paul

Café des Artistes

For excellent coffee and a light but zippy lunch, head to this pizzeria on the main strip.