Park in La Malbaie

Parc des Hautes Gorges de la Rivière Malbaie

Work off all that Charlevoix produce with an invigorating hike in this 233-sq-km provincial park, which has several unique features, including the highest rock faces east of the Rockies. Sheer rock plummets (by as m…
Park in Baie St Paul

Parc des Grands Jardins

This provincial park covers 310 sq km, much of it taiga. Excellent hiking and rugged topography are the lure at this gem. The hills frame well over 100 small lakes. Caribou may be spotted. The half-day trek up Mont …
Historic Building in La Malbaie

Maison du Bootlegger

This unexpected hostelry in a conventional-looking 19th-century farmhouse was surreptitiously modified by an American bootlegger during the Prohibition period. Tours reveal the marvel of secret doorways and hidden c…
Museum in Baie Ste Catherine

Pointe Noire Observation Centre

Up the hill from the ferry landing, this whale-study post, at the confluence of the Saguenay and St Lawrence Rivers, features an exhibit, a slide show and films, plus an observation deck with a telescope. From the b…
Gardens in La Malbaie

Les Jardins du Cap à l'Aigle

In Cap à l'Aigle, a little village 2km east of La Malbaie, are these gardens, where 800 types of lilac range up the hill between a waterfall, a footbridge and artists selling their daubs. When this spot is in full b…
Museum in Baie St Paul

Musée d'Art Contemporain

This architecturally attention-grabbing gallery houses contemporary art by local artists and some photographic exhibits on loan from the National Gallery of Canada. The museum also organizes an international contemp…
Museum in Île Aux Coudres

Les Moulins

Économusée Les Moulins has two restored 19th-century mills and exhibits showing how wheat and buckwheat were once ground using grindstones.
Museum in La Malbaie

Musée de Charlevoix

Part art gallery, part museum, this waterfront place portrays the life and times of Charlevoix through a variety of media.
Historic Building in La Malbaie

Manoir Richelieu

The gray country cousin of Québec City's Château Frontenac, this intimidating, palatial structure, owned by the Fairmont chain, looks like the headquarters of the last boss in an old Nintendo game. The sprawling, co…
Park in Baie St Paul

Boise du Quai

If you want a walk in the woods without really leaving town, consider the Boise du Quai, a small, forested park that's perfect for a quiet stroll. The welcome center for the forest is Habitat 07, which sounds like a…