Central Newfoundland restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Twillingate Island & New World Island

Doyle Sansome & Sons

Head out of your way for this classic cash-only seafood spot, serving crisp cod, fish cakes with rhubarb relish, and fresh lobster. If it's a nice day, the dock seating provides a fine view. Don't be fooled by the n…
Canadian in Fogo Island & Change Islands

Fogo Island Inn Restaurant

With sparkling sea views, this tiny gourmet eatery dishes up innovative three-course dinners sourced as locally as possible. The menu changes daily. Think delicate preparations of snow crab with sea salt, Prince Edw…
Canadian in New-Wes-Valley

Norton's Cove Cafe

This gorgeous cafe boasts a light, airy interior, brilliant waterfront views, and a menu that takes enjoyable license with local cuisine; try cod with basmati rice and vegetables, or local squid stir-fried Korean st…
Canadian in Fogo Island & Change Islands

Scoff Restaurant

Scoff – Newfoundland slang for a good meal – serves fancy takes on local cuisine in a cozy yet upscale setting. Salt beef comes with split pea 'fries,' smoked herring is served with marmalade, fresh toast and onion-…
Seafood in Twillingate Island & New World Island

Annie's Harbour Restaurant

Annie's is a solid choice if you want to eat all of the denizens of the ocean you've been admiring from Twillingate's shores (speaking of which, this spot has some nice waterfront views). Fish-and-chips are firm and…
Canadian in Twillingate Island & New World Island

Georgie's Restaurant

Upscale your Twillingate dining experience at this pretty waterfront spot, a romantic setting for dining on sesame-crusted scallops, shrimp penne, and root-cellar bisque.
Burgers in Grand Falls-Windsor

Kelly's Pub

Hidden neatly behind the smoky pub is this great countrified spot. It makes the best burgers in town and the stir-fries are not too shabby either.
Ice Cream in Fogo Island & Change Islands


It would be a pity to miss this seaside stop, serving homemade partridgeberry-pie ice cream flecked with cinnamon and salty crumbs of crust.
Canadian in Gander

Newfoundland Tea Co.

Don't be fooled by the name – while you can get tea here, the real draw is upscale takes on staples including vegetable linguine, burgers, shrimp and basmati rice pilaf, and carrot fritters. It's a bit pricey, but a…
Canadian in Gander


This locals' haunt dishes out huge platters of cod au gratin, burgers, fish-and-chips, steaks and similar fare – a great choice if you're looking to refuel for the next few hundred kilometers of the Trans-Canada (al…