Top things to do

Museum in Central Labrador

Northern Lights Building

The Northern Lights Building hosts a military museum, interesting lifelike nature scenes and simulated northern lights.
Museum in Central Labrador

Labrador Interpretation Centre

Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997, the Labrador Interpretation Centre is the provincial museum, which holds some of Labrador's finest works of art. It's in North West River, via Rte 520.
Pizza in Central Labrador

El Greco

Popular for pizzas and takeout, El Greco also serves pasta and Greek-style kabobs. It's near the Royal Inn.
Seafood in Central Labrador

Mariner's Galley

Come here for fried cod tongues with scruncheons (pork rind) or crab cocktail. Visitors rave about the friendly service and buffet options.