Top things to do

Park in Caraquet

Acadian Historic Village

Acadian Historic Village, 15km west of Caraquet, is a major historical reconstruction set up like a village of old. Thirty-three original buildings have been relocated to the site, and animators in period costumes r…
Cultural in Caraquet

Festival Acadien

The largest annual Acadian cultural festival, Festival Acadien, is held here the first two weeks of August. It draws 100,000 visitors, and more than 200 performers including singers, musicians, actors, dancers from …
Japanese in Caraquet

Mitchan Sushi

A tasteful, ordered experience where beautifully concocted Japanese morsels comprise fresh local seafood. Unfortunately, it's not open daily; check hours.
Canadian in Caraquet

Le Caraquette

Overlooking the harbor, this no-fuss, family diner-style restaurant serves Maritime provinces standards including fried clams and mayonnaise shrimp salad, along with French Canadian specialties like poutine and smok…